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i walk
like a recently freed man,
enjoying the space
of my heart,
the clutter cleared…
the walls repaired…
with a new shade
of crimson,
that bubbles
with enthusiasm,
by the oxygen inhaled
from the colors 
of spring air,

a space
after what seems
an age,
by the original owner
who apparently
had forgotten
the deed of lease,
to this little
valuable space
in his very own name,
to be his
till perpetuity,
or years of breath.

a space –
now free
from all –
or illegal
and rent free
noisy tenants,
their accompanying
and unwelcome
and wares.

a space –
now empty,
yet full,
of life,
which can’t
be seen
but can
be felt,
the walls bare,
except for
the pulsating network
of semi visible
invisible veins
which keep
the walls warm,
with a rich
constantly flowing
watery red,

from somewhere
in this
seeming emptiness,
my hand reaches out
to magically pull up
a comfy chair,
and i sink into it,
like a stone
happily rushing
to find
the comforting arms
of a waiting
river bed,

home atlast –
from a series
of life’s sagas
and tiring
something gained,
and something lost,
though the sum
of it all  –
seems to break
all hereto
conventionally established
of maths,

the sum
as it adds herein,
curls up
into a cushion
of experience,
and cradles gently
the tired neck,
a constant
teacherly check,
on the incessant
the numerous
tunnels of the head,

and calmed
and comforted
i drift away slowly,
on a boat
without a rudder,
without oars,
or a sail,
into an ocean
of possible,
and adventures,

free –
once again,
to revisit
those lost islands
of dreams,
of realities,
I always knew
I could have had.

Β© vidursahdev 2023


13 thoughts on “Welcome to my World

      1. True for the material world…. works same for life, and the currency for life is time! So the less one allows others to clutter one’s life and spend precious time in sorting it out, the more time one manges to save for things which really matter to oneself to have a more meaningful life. πŸ™‚

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  1. The beauty of how our heart space and home space mirror each other – your poem holds a mirror to check in how much clearing is available within. The reference to the river bed is so brilliant – for a stone to sink in, allow the flow. The electricity flowing through the veins is so alive for the life energy flowing. I enjoyed how the poem continues to unfold into the comforts and dreams of the future, and ends with a subtle yet powerful faith that has been always alive.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, both are spaces which play an important part in our lives. One on the inside and the other on the outside
      ….and when both are in harmony it is a peaceful existence. Thank you for sharing your thoughts….loved the perspective and meaning you add to the words, making them richer in their content. :))

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