I have often read that silence is considered golden, and that most times, it is better to keep your silence than utter the spoken word. So writing, to me seems like a great alternative to channeling that which for various reasons is never said,  into words which sometimes mean what they say, and sometimes mean not what they say but what they make you feel.

So as the silent words fall from the skies of my imagination and those that rise from the deepest abysses that exist in my mind, I catch them like raindrops in a cup and put them on paper to make some sense of a situation, feeling, or a random emotion….sometimes its raw and visible, and sometimes subtly wrapped in layers.  Words that randomly meet in a dance of life, sometimes forming an image, a story, or just stirring an emotion in the heart.

Some thoughts, some words, some memories, some moments, some dreams, some fiction, inspired by the elements of nature, the people who came and those that went away, some remembered, none forgotten,  a few bits of my journey over some years.

Consciously observing life as it goes by….

with the awareness of my own miniscule and temporary existence in this fathomless universe….

loving every moment of the sun, the moon, the stars, the wind, the sea, the tree and the birds….

them, they know….for they were here long before me, and they’ll be here long after I am gone.


38 thoughts on “About

    1. Thanks Jeanne. It’s been a pleasure connecting with you on this realm of emotions and words. Sometimes it’s the people who read you that get to know your essence, compared to those who know you in person. A strange paradox. Thank you for reading and posting your comments, it adds so much value to what is written. 🙂

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  1. “So, as the silent words fall from the skies of my imagination…”

    I love that. You may not know this, but you just articulated part of why I chose my username, “silent fall.” I know I go by “Just Me” but it’s misleading, I think.

    Is Vidur your real name?

    You can email me if you don’t want to say in public: mysilentfall@gmail.com


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    1. I am so humbled by your comment, Paul. Thank you so much for it. It just seems a perfect way, underlined with gratitude, to close the posts for the year that’ll soon be gone. Wish you a wonderful new year!

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  2. I visited your About page today, not knowing if I have before. I have been holding a lot of silence lately, even in written word. I have found the joy of expression through resonance with other people in the community circles I participate in. Your poetry is one such joy. If and when it seems right to you, kindly connect with me at yogasaar@gmail.com. I would appreciate exchanging conversation, and share with you some possibility of joyful collaboration that I have imagined. If not much else is meant to be, it would be great to connect with you, a friend in poetry 🙂

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