as simple as that

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secret conversations
between the sun
and the moon
often go like this –
the sun sweetly says
to the glowing moon
i shine so –
but only for you
for how else would I know
where you hide
in this milky haze
and the moon smiles back
with a twinkle in its eyes
i know – it says,
and me – for you
but see them sitting there
waiting for you to set
and for me to arrive
let them believe
in their mortal reality
that we shine for them
for so many of them find
their missing hearts
in the lonely visions
that they seek of us.




Interactions between two
mysterious in direction
unmistakable connections
yet chasing the world
in search of a freedom
that doesn’t hold,
sending messages
to the universe
for that which hides
as another number
ignored on the
networked device,
an unintentional erasure
of the past where
neither existed,
now lurking
in the shadows
of the present
somewhere wondering-
if the ignorance
of this existence
eventually enhances
a common bliss
that could exist
in another time.


L i g h t

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Picture courtesy: Borrowed with permission from a dear friend!


The worst battles
are fought in the
seclusions of the mind
the externals inconsequential
to the script
that plays within,
reality interpreted
beyond the perception
of the eyes,
demonic emotions
laying each other bare
till the vision
of a bright
constant light
spreads like
a healing balm
and blurs out
the jarring noises
into a peaceful
moonlit night,
and as the
stage empties
the calm returns,
swaying happily
to the silent song
of that divine light.





A changing world
where memories
are stored
in random clicks,
Nothing to hold
with a story
written on
the white of
the printed back,
Black and white
or coloured
and touched up
the visuals abound
in abundant numbers,
And after a
fruitless search
on the limitless world,
the only one
I found
was the one
in my mind,
For we never
clicked one
of you and me
that could be found
on this material world.



s h a l l o w


You walk tall
on borrowed height
a practiced gait
devoid of grace
an adopted pride
that outshines the sun
even the raindrops
fear your outrage
vanity comes
before a fall
you pushed
and it was me who fell
a proverb squirmed
as in anothers woe
you redeemed
your fading halo.

Destiny intentionally
trips you sometimes
illusions are real
till the vision lasts
reality hits
when you fall
headlong into a sea
the surface calm
hiding a reality untold
where the depths
are the heights
and even the
darkness is gold
where nothing is shallow
and everything is real.




Invisibility has
a charm of its own
the wind seldom
announces its arrival
you just feel it
when it is there
the five senses
don’t always
work in tandem
some invisibles
can even pass
through their
receptive snare
and sometimes
what is beyond
the counted five
the sixth awakens
to make you aware.


State of Slumber


Let me be
in this external
state of slumber
where the vision searches
for something
buried deeper
like a root inside,
Don’t let the stillness
of what you see
deceive your eyes
there is a silent rumble
building a beat,
beyond the realms
of measurable matter
awakening the spirit
to a new beginning,
Like a dormant tree
with all its branches
chopped off
waiting for the rain
to kiss it awake,
And in the moment
when that happens
the new shoots
spring out like magic
from somewhere within
rejuvenated and sprightly
into the outer light.