The Earth is Round

i keep trying
to walk away
down your given
straight line path,
trying to create
an ever increasing
distance from that
which i am
supposed to
for reasonable reasons
walk away from,

and with the mind-miles
i relentlessly travel
and judiciously cover,
i sometimes believe
that i’ve finally
successfully made it,
when i am
unable to spot you
even with my
rather lingering
though supposedly
quick look back,

only to find you
once again,
a few hundred steps
calmly standing
right in the middle
of my path,
as if mocking
the honesty
of the intention
behind all these tiring
soul exhausting
futile attempts,

so here i am
back once again
to face the music
and brave the storm,
face to face
with the song
whose melody
i repeatedly hum,
like a needle stuck
in a vinyl groove
play it up
or play it down,

for what can i do
if the earth is round…
and inspite
of every path
or any direction
that you strategically
and deviously
send me away on,
each eventually 
still leads me
right back there,
where the waiting you
once again
wickedly says,
that there with you
i still don’t belong…

© vidursahdev 2021