In Solitude

i talk
to your
voiceless shadows,

as if
you are
still there,

your voice
my happy place,

inspite of it
no longer there,

some things
make their

even in
the absence
of the presence,

i know
for i still
hear you,

even when
those shadows

© vidursahdev 2019

Love Stories

Pic: Self

Caressing touches
on skin and soul,

sometimes one
sometimes the other,

beyond the read
beyond the written,

and each story
titled as ‘love’,

remains unique
beyond compare,

those that know it
by an ache or a smile,

know too
that it can never be
fully expressed.

© vidursahdev 2019


i break
like glass,
a former whole,
but now
in scattered pieces,

as i always was,
but now
you just can’t
ignore me,

and i love
the way your eyes,
carefully inspect
each diamond
shard of mine,

i broke
like glass,
but now bask
under the sunshine
of your attentive eyes,

you wanted to avoid
the devil in the details,
but the details
no longer
apply to me,

i sought you
as a whole,
but as whole
maybe it wasn’t
just meant to be,

so i broke
like glass,
as so often
hearts do
break too,

and each piece
a knife,
whose blade
finally gets to reflect
your eyes,

and inspite
of the pieces
i finally find my peace,
amongst these reflections
that i now hold.

© vidursahdev 2019

Ek Dastaan

kuchh to di hoti hamein bhi ijazat
ke keh pate hum ik baar
apne dil ka kehna,

ke darr pe to aaye the hum
issi maqsad se tere,
bayaan karne haal-e-rooh ka fasaana,

par lauta diya tumne
bade saleeke se humko,
bina sune, bina kahe jo humko tha kehna,

ab hum tum se gila kya karein,
jab khud ko hi hum
na samajha paye ye kismat ka majrah,

maikhane se ghar tak
ka rasta to ab tak,
madhosh hi mil jaata tha humein,

par maikhane pe bhi ab hum kya jayein,
ke wo nasha bhi ab issi dard
ko rubaru karata hai,

aur tajurba kuch yoon kehta hai
ke un nashon ki khamoshion
mein kho kar bhi,

hum wo tere darr se lauti
ankahi ansuni mayoos si khamoshi,
ko phir kabhi bhi na bhoola paye.

© vidursahdev 2019

Circles, and Lifetimes

Pic : Self – ‘Eagles’

i tease you
with words,
you follow
the paper trail
till you reach me,

one devil
to another
the story repeats,
for if one
holds ground
the other
always runs,

there is
a divine
that keeps
this hellish

of the heaven
that might exist,
if these
two unconventionals

© vidursahdev 2019