shama/lamp (bilingual)

Pic : Self

s h a m a   (hindi, urdu)

na kar wafa
uss shama se tu,
jis ne khud
jal jal ke
bujh hi
jaana hai,

dhoond le tu,
agar tujhe
mile koi
ashiq aisa,
jaise uss
shama ka jo
parwana hai.


The attraction of the moth to the light of a lamp, is an analogy a lot of poetry written through different times, has often used.

The words above basically say –

stop chasing
the lamp,
for the lamp
that burns
will eventually
burn itself out
into darkness,

if you seek love
seek the heart
that knows
selfless love,
like the moth
that is willing
to end it’s life,

for the love
of the flame
in which
it itself
eventually burns.




i m a g i n a t i o n s

Pic : Self , Artist: Unknown

it wasn’t
really my fault,
if i held on,
even long after
you were gone,

your favourite songs,
even the one’s
that weren’t

your presence alive,
is such
a wondrous tool,

the streets alone,
in the company
of conversations,
long silenced by time,

to the seasons,
holding the constant
that remained
in my mind,

but you were
so very worth it,
even in the moments
that i lived
in a fools paradise,

and i still smile
when they say,
“your fault
you held on for so long”,
long after, you were gone.



p r i o r i t i e s

Pic: Self

you own
your skies,

it by choice,

your priorities

in the pieces
that shine,

i disappear

much like
the moon,

bit by bit
night by night,

till your sky
is clear,

of any trace
of mine,

the moon
by habit,

still does

but i seek
a sky,

where i am
the sun.



s h i e l d s

Pic : Self

hey you there
deep inside of me
calling yourself
my holy soul,

what do you know
the turmoils
this callous world
puts me through,

my body aches
with the cuts and pains
this world inflicts
on the visible only,

while you silently 
hide behind
the shield i provide
to shelter you,

hey you there
i need you now
not for any
battles to fight,

just be fair to me
for once
be my shield
for i need to hide.



f l a s h b a c k

Pic : Internet

in the last
few moments,
that his
fading memory,

those few
sputtering flashes
of the lived life,

as it now
to ebb away,

he found
a strange
in knowing the fact,

that those
which popped
even in this
fleeting randomness,

as prioritised by him
in his life
still remained
firmly confined,

to only those –
                                      with her.



g r a t i t u d e

To all those 

who read these words,

I am so grateful for 

your generosity, 

for liked or not, 

commented on or not, 

we exist in our truth, 

in what we seek, 

in how we seek, 

we exist 

as we choose to be. 

Thankful and grateful always.

Love to you 

in all that you are 

and in  all that you seek.

Love and best wishes to you,

humbled by this affection 

in more ways 

that you can imagine, 

grateful always,