Pic : Self

kya karoge tum
uss ki shikayat
jisne tum se kabhi kuchh
maanga hi nahin,

taap mila agar
chand ko suraj se
aagosh mein leni ki
toh kabhi farmaaish na ki,

yoon roshan
woh kaise ho jaye
utni hi kirnon mein
jitni tumhe aur mujhe milien,

phir bhi khuda ki
di doori par baitha
woh aise chamke
ke sab nazarein dekhein,

apne veerane
se gharonde mein kitne
adab se wo khud ko
sambhale rozaana damke,

kya karoge tum uss ki shikayat
jo itna hi paa kar
apni kismet ki khushi mein
aksar sharmake chhip jaye nazar se.

Translation in English:

What will you complain about him, who has never really, asked you for anything ever,

if warmth was received by the moon from the sun, it never sought to be greedy, to fall in his arms,

yet it shines, with a glow beyond compare, receiving the same amount of rays, that you and I do,

it maintains, it’s ordained distance, yet dazzles in that warmth, brighter than any star to our eyes,

alone in it’s uninhabited lifeless world,
it still manages to shine, the brightest smile,

what will you complain about him, who gets so overwhelmed, by his this little good fortune, that he often hides from our very own eyes.

© vidursahdev 2018


i n t r o s p e c t i o n

Pic : Self

i could have
lied to myself,
as this world often
conditions us
to do,

i could have saved the ego
from the risk,
and let intentions
remain weak,
lost in the dark,

to someday breathe
an air of regrets,
where you would have
asked me a why,
or maybe a why not,

so i chose to stretch
this temporary neck,
the strength
of the bones it holds,

pretence was never
my strength to show,
where the flow
of energy
is a stranger known,

i like to have
my feet in the sand,
of the waves
rocking me to and fro,

its the sinking to a point
that i love,
and the confidence
that beyond it
me, it will hold,

i dont look for answers
that my eyes can’t feel,
for some said words lie,
beyond the logics
of this visual time,

yet there exists
which holds value,
in the here and now
as well as in the beyond,

you and i
are a tiny bit
in this
evolving realm,

you everyday
seem to grow,
into the sea
and sands
that so well i know,

so i let myself go,
to sink is easy,
and not everyone knows
how to hold,

for eyes here
often seek more,
than what they know
they can meaningfully



question/sawaal   (bilingual)

Pic : Self

s a w a a l        (hindi)ab sab kuchh
agar kehana hi pade
to jazbon ki kimat
kya hogi,

har subah ka suraj
agar roz kah ke jage
toh uss subah
ki kimat  kya hogi,

na hoon main na hai tu
khud se be-khabar
agar phir bhi hai darr
khud se hone ka door,

toh phir ishq mohabbat
pyar wafa
in sab imaanon
ki kimat kya hogi.

q u e s t i on       (english)
if everything needs
words to be conveyed
then what is left
of the intrinsic value
of the emotions held,

if the sun had to announce
his arrival each day
what would be left
of of the unsaid trust
we hold in him,

neither am i, nor are you
even a little disconnected
with our souls within
so why the fear
of losing yourself,

if love, compassion trust and faith
reduced one from what one is
then what would be left
of the relevance
of our belief in them.




q u e s t i o n s

Pic : Self

the whys and hows
of life
i tend to tease a lot,

some get answered
by my coaxing calls,

some play to the plan
as life pans out,

some tease back
inspite of
the ripened time,

some i let go of
knowing my own
limited time.




note to self

Pic: Self

all said
and done

in the end
it’s always

to ashes

and dust
to dust,

i was
as i am

never more
yet never less,

no regrets
to carry

none left
to flush.




d u s t

Pic : Self

dreams thrive
in a reality
of their own,

blue skies
and idyllic sunsets,

has a dream
of its own,

to break you
into the dust
that is you,

till you learn
like the
crafty potter,

to craft it
the shape,

you really are
should be.




masks/nakaab – bilingual

n a k a a b     (hindi)

chehron pe ‘dost’ ka khitab
lagaye milte hain sab,

neeyat ko nakaab
se chupai baithein hai sab,

karoon kis kis ka yakeen
ai mere khuda,

kis nazar mein dil hai
aur kis mein khanjar,

tu hi bata, mujhe kya pata.


m a s k s    (english)

everyone i see
calls himself
a ‘friend’,

with intentions
behind masks,

whom to believe
and whom
to discard,

which eyes
hold affection
and which a dagger,

tell me how
to tell the difference
oh my, dear god.