should’ve run
i told you to,

for i am toxic
in ways
you don’t
even know,

i am the dark
and light
of all colours

i don’t care
for your heart
but i can
pierce your soul,

i am
a master of stealth
and a seeker
of depth,

and once
i enter
only deeper
i know to go,

you’ll try
to weed me out
but helplessly fail
each time,

your prescriptions
of no avail
and those therapies
too stale,

for i won’t
play your heart
but in your soul
that i’ll thrive,

shrug me off
as much
but once there
i won’t come off,

i’ll spread
like a ruthless wildfire
but without
any shame,

like evergreen ivy
growing uninvited
in every crack
deep or dark,

i can exist
beyond my own existence
and make
my home in yours,

you should’ve run
when i told you to
but i guess
that time is gone,

so come closer
my dear
with one kiss
let me in,

the toxin seeks you,
and for you
there really isn’t
any other way out.

© vidursahdev 2019


The Wind and the Cloud

Pic : Self

i like all things
which happily
call themselves

and in all the lies
of utopian
sought in the world,

i still seek you
your presence
your essence
with all my truth,

and eventhough
you often
innocently, protectively
though honestly,

claim to be
nothing more
than a passing
vagabond cloud,

you miss
seeing me
as that invisible
winged wind,

which always
flies with you
inspite of its own
deemed impermanence.

© vidursahdev 2019

The Duel

You see me,
knife in hand
like a menancing
for your heart,

you know me
and so
you know,
the danger
is real
for i won’t stop
till i get
what i really want,

you could run
you don’t,
for you know
between us,
is predator
nor foe,

and i smile
as you too,
pull out
your own,
retaliatory knife,

it’s fun,
when you know
your adversary
so well,
and whose heart
falls victim first,
only time
can tell.

© vidursahdev 2019


I am

me slowly,

I’ll satisfy
the tongue,

as much
as that deep craving,

in your
wanting veins,

Your morning

with an aroma
to match,

and once
you know me,

you’ll seek
my presence,

and I
your warm lips,

is easy,

but i give
more than that,

love me
or detest me,

I couldn’t
care less,

of emotions,

I survive
as an addiction,

your lust,

for pleasure
or pain,

I am

sip me

deep into your

you know
you want me,

and i know
how to,


Love me
or detest me,

but your need
remaims my fame.

© vidursahdev 2019

Dance with Me

Pic: Self

Come dear
let me hold your hand,

take you
on an adventure,

beyond your
bounden lands,

from the petals of the roses
I’ll take you,

and introduce you
to the thorns,

show you the pretentious
masked gods,

and how
they hide their horns,

the skies and its shadows
under moonlit nights,

the feel of jagged rocks
coated by high tides,

the taste of blood
from a lip that isn’t yours,

amongst the melody
of incessant waves,

that will slowly
engulf your shores,

come dear
let me hold your hand,

it’s time
for the angelic day,

to dance
with the devil of the night.

© vidursahdev 2019