It was a dark night
the lights were too bright,
a fading me,
and my shadow
pasted on the wall
increasingly well defined,

it, calling me from a distance
like an old trusted friend,
beckoning me
to keep inching closer
with each received
incremental unwarranted glare,

and i did, for once
as i was told,
till my shadow and me
were the same,
and i
was no more,

one ear pressed hard
into the blank of the wall,
the wall –
which had its foundations
embedded deep
into the heart of the earth,

time stops
when your shadow
is all that is left of you,
or atleast
it seems to have stopped
for its relevance
in that state of existence
is probably the most trivial
of one’s most immediate, pressing measurable concerns,

my shadow held me
for what seemed an eternity,
while i listened
to the heartbeat of the earth
through that stethoscopic wall,

and with the other
i slowly began to learn
how to filter out
and disengage from
the incessant, selfish calls
and habitual, chaotic noises
of the world,

my shadow held me
till both my ears
could only hear a single heartbeat,
mine, just mine,
completely synchronised
and in tandem
with that of the earth,

and that’s when it released me
to wander back
into the world,
renewed, recharged and changed,
ready to return to
the props of time,

and so we parted
with me
slowly starting to walk away,
holding the broadest smile
like a badge of honour,
not my return,
but my arrival,

and thinking
about my recent time
in the arms of the shadow,
of the silent listening stoic wall,
and of the guiding heartbeats
of the gentle earth,

wondering how
and why, 
throughout in all of them,
i kept feeling
a strong, silent presence,
of those characteristic
and comfortingly familiar
traces of you.

© vidursahdev 2021