The Tunnel


Delve in to
the tunnel dark
each step measured
by a cautious breath
no hands to hold
no whispers to share
all vision impaired
sensations limited
to the cold dampness
the insensitive walls
the endless cavity
plunged into darkness
of deceit, untruth
targeted falsehood
the world within
and that without
from atop the mountain
a vibration rumbles
ahead in the dungeon
a stone released
audibly rolls, as if to lead
the uncertain
untrodden path
the third eye opens
releasing the power
of the destroyer’s fire
and in the tunnel
flickering shadows
suddenly come to life
as the flame of light
does a tandav of sorts
dispelling the darkness
unveiling the hidden
benevolent’s might
and near the exit
an unpretentious lamp
spreads its victorious
welcome glow.



You Mean Nothing To Me !


For you mean nothing to me
the river said to the sky
I flow independent of your hues
but keep sending the dark clouds
for they are the water of my life

For you mean nothing to me
the soil said to the roots
but hold on to me tight
for whatever grows towards the light
will need us both to stay upright

For you mean nothing to me
the earth said to the sun
but keep sharing the warmth and the light
for everything I hold close to my heart
needs your magic to make it survive

For you mean nothing to me
the intellect said to the heart
nevertheless, keep singing your song
for inspite of the absence of logic in you
that inaudible drumbeat feeds me life

For you mean nothing to me
the sun, moon, seas, are plenty company
but keep turning the nothingness in still air
into that wonderful invisible breeze
for I breathe in either, but in the latter I come alive.



The Ides of March


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Silence is golden
the wise meaningfully
had professed
but alas my friend
you used it much
like a cowards tool,
to block the truth
and defend the lies
you gave silence
the same meaning
that once Brutus did,
the ides of march
a replay of the act
one succumbed then
resigned to his fate
the other survived
inspite of your silent
whispered blows,
let rest now, forever
what you tried once
your gains, your losses
one day your fate
in solitude will assess,
heed still, an old friend’s
parting last advice
reflect, mend, change,
lose not what is left,
fool them you can
till time chooses so
for the day that they
are given eyes
to see your footprints
leading to your ways,
your own truth
will be enough
to tear you to shreds,
blame not then
the ides of march
for those who venture
to scam their own,
often lose
the right to complain.






Fly free,
for I hold you not
any more
than I ever
did before
Some bonds
are born invisible
and invisibility
gives them
that freedom too
Fly away,
from that
what was
to a place
where your soul
reignites the heart
to sing the songs
catching dust within
Fly far,
for you have wings
distance sometimes
is an eventual cure
for the bridges
that you were
afraid to build




f l y



Strange is the way –
sometimes it seems,
reality is a secret
and the secrets,
as open as
the sky may be,
that which I hide
flies free in the sky,
that which I hold,
sometimes is invisible
to even the physical me,
its strange that I can see
music with my eyes,
and words on paper
are directed to mean
different from that,
what they sing in my mind,
sometimes when you have no words
a picture can take you on a flight,
if all the puzzles were easy,
finding answers would really
be such a waste of mind,
I tempt you to fly
not to free you out of your binds,
for even the rocks
that remain grounded know,
when anchors fail
the chains need to break
and those in this evolution
that ended growing wings
like all others in the sky
still have a purpose to their flight.


r u n


running away
was a solution
till it was
a conscious move
from the piling clutter
it was strength
to prove to yourself
that if limits be crossed
by those that bind
then within your beliefs
you could still
make it on your own
it was never
an option ingrained
for rocks can withstand
the stormiest waves
but running was wisdom
said experience gained
to the option
of standing helpless
in sinking quicksand
for an unsure future
was still worth a fight
than the comfort
of that drowning hole
running was a test to see
if the bonds that held
really had
the claimed strength to hold
as it went, some broke
and some let go
slow down now
for you have run far
run from the present
and you only run in circles
run from me
and you can still run far
but in this run
from a thankless past
they are yours
that run with you
how many clouds
can you hide behind
for the sun gives you
a generous glow
and be as it may
in destiny’s play
there has always been
that celestial crack
which inspite of the clouds
that you hide behind
lights my sky
by letting your light through.



Chains of Love


Tied to each other
by their creator
for a lifetime
one knows
only to sink
the other
made to sail
one dances
on the glittering surface
the other
digs deep into
the earth
at the end
of the depths
one gives both
the luxury of mobility
the other
steadfast stability
holding the first
against the winds
and the currents
not letting it go
till again
they are ready
to move as one,
the connecting chain
which ties them together
made up of numerous
connected links
of emotions, expectations
relations and situations
and it alone knows
that most of the times
neither knows
which one is the anchor
and which the boat.