g o o d b y e



Caught in a spiders web
watching time pass by
struggling with the
labyrinth of threads
trying to loosen
their grip on the soul
and then a bolt
of lightening strikes
cutting one of the binds
and somewhere within
a dying spark lights
the phoenix rises
cutting the rest apart
there is a time to live
and mine starts now.




the juggler

Sculpture: Juggling Life by Darcy J. Sears

tossing, catching
the pieces of life
a dreaded slip
and desperate hands
reaching out
to salvage
what can be
of the circus of life

helplessly watching
those that
hit the ground
the transformation
of the artist
to a clumsy fool
an unforgiving audience
chiding at the failure.

the empty hands
folding in
quivering fingers
the embarrassed eyes
slowly meeting theirs
finding among them one
which has seen
it all before

reaching his soul
lifting him above
this present plight
reassuring, unsaid
with acquired wisdom
trust your hands
once again
and the next juggle
will be alright.




T a g s


the world is doing it
so why not me
searched the net
like everyone else
for words of praise
but found pictures galore
in the worst poses ever
ways to exterminate
written about even more
my heart ignored
my perseverance punished
no design flaws exist
wonder why my positives
the two legged ignore
some makeup required
like all others maybe
but try find a better
life survival coach
than the little ugly me
they so lovingly call
the disgusting roach!