Naked i stand
in my soul,

you taught
me shame,
you ingrained
the lies,

you identified
a body,
you brought
the shadows,

you colored
my mind,
drew lines
across my heart,

you took
my eternal,
replaced it
with a perishable,

you destroyed
my essence,
in every way
you could,

so i cast
the shell,
once and
for all,

in my soul,
now i stand

© vidursahdev 2018


An old fashioned toast to Love

Pic : Self

Don’t ask me
for I don’t know,

‘your’ definition
of love,

but if you mean
that i can exist
without you,
at a distance
from time
to time,
the slightest
waver in the flame,

Yes, …i love you…

or if you mean
that i can’t,
or imagine
a minute
without you,
in my arms
like a tangled mess,
that just can’t
be done apart,

Yes, …i love you…

and if you mean
that can i still
the stupidity
of a permanence,
in a proven
existence of

Yes, …i love you…

or if you mean
that irrespective
of the tides
that flow along,
and often against
the boat,
if i have the
to hold on
to the oars,

Yes, i do
for i love you…

and if you mean
can i see you shine
the brightness
of your own
which your
own path
so beckons you
to do,
without ever feeling
that it might
dull my own,

Yes, i can
for i love you…

and if you mean
that we two,
need to exist
as us two,
and yet
feel one,
at heart
and soul…

you don’t
even need to ask me,

for there is no other
definition of love.

© vidursahdev 2018