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Words fall
far too short
each time,

for they are bound
by limitations
of definitions,

and what I
feel within
for you,

cannot be bound
by words
that are so defined.

© vidursahdev 2019


Wingless Bird (Bilingual)

Main bhi
waqt ka hi
parinda hoon,

pankh na sahi
par khayalon mein toh
udhta hoon,

inn saanson
ki seema mein
jeeta hoon,

par unse aage
jaane ke khwab
rakhta hoon,

waqt ki shaayari
ne kuchh mukaam
aise diye,

ke pankh
na hote hue bhi
fadfadana to seekh liya,

sabr ke
imtihaanon mein,

khud ke
zameer ko
buland rakh kar,

auruon ke aage
izzat se jhukna
seekh liya,

kabhi yoonhi
kuch chalt-chalte
keh gaya,

jo na keh saka
wo aksar chup-chap
seh gaya,

main bhi
waqt ka hi
parinda hoon,

aaj aur kal
ke darmiyan
basse faaslon mein,

kuch apne khoye
ke khilne ki,

ek chotti si
to rakhta hoon,

pankh na sahi
par udhne ki khwaish
to rakhta hoon.

© vidursahdev 2019

English version:

I too
am a bird
of time,

bereft of wings
but in my thoughts
I do fly,

alive, I breathe
within the boundaries
of life,

though I dream,
of going beyond,

the acts
of time,
often gave me a stage,

where a wingless bird
nevertheless learnt
how to flutter,

tests of patience
sweetly taught

that a
clear conscience
and one’s character,

is never lessened
by a head that knows
how to humbly bow,

and as many times
as I spoke out
my mind,

there were times
when I swallowed
every unuttered word,

I too,
am a bird
of time,

to bridge
the gap,

a today
and a tomorrow,

with a few dreams
that are
my own,

I may
be a bird
bereft of wings,

but in reality
I too,
long to fly.

© vidursahdev 2019


i was born to live
but i was destined to die,

so was each day
just an illusion, a myth,

for the mind
to battle the cloudy skies,

while the soul
watched amused,

this churn
of shallow perceptions,

the agony, the irony
of worldly possessions,

while it patiently awaited
for night to fall,

and its bed to be made
for a peaceful sleep.

© vidursahdev 2019

A Shout-out to Them, that Are


with hearts
that can beat
for more
than their own,

with eyes
that can see through
protective walls,

with ears
that can hear
your silent
cries within,

with arms
that can fence you
the world’s reach,

with a love
that seeks
in return,

but leaves you
far stronger
than when you
walked in,


I know,
for many
are already
etched on my being.

© vidursahdev 2019

Memories – ‘The Others’

Pic : Self

sometimes hide,

in the dark
unvisited corners,

like leftover shadows
of a gone reality,

like dust patterns
formed over time,

the memories,

that once adorned
the mantlepiece,

like the cold
meaningless ashes,

which remain
from the last fire,

that had warmed
the hearth,

and they,
sometimes escape,

from their
nonexistent lives,

mugging my

their colour,

with a colour
long gone.

© vidursahdev 2019


Don’t calibrate
to your needs,

there is some
they too seek,

don’t break
into parts,

they too long
to exist
as a whole,

don’t tell them
they are not,

they need someone
to know
what they are,

don’t hold them
as if
they have no strength,

their vulnerability
is limited
to the love they revere,

don’t treat them
as expendable pawns
on your chessboard,

they are the ruling
kings and queens
of the eternal universe,

don’t exaggerate
the superiority
of your being to them,

or they’ll know
how truly
worthless you are.

© vidursahdev 2019