love for sale

Pic: Self

saw a sign,
maybe a sign
of the times,

seemed rather

in desperately
but legible letters,

“love for sale –
ex-spouse holds
a grouse,

needs money
to prove
my real worth,

love seems
to have lost
it’s shine,

the greens rule
in this often
misty world,

need to pay
the debt
of a partnership,

originally entered
for the entirety
of life,

as a monetary deal
by seemingly all,

a marriage that was
but now
apparently over,

need to encash
my only
real treasure,


to have
little value
for most,

buy me for love
for that is all
i am worth”




s h e l l f i s h


precious words
once said,
now meaningless,
no longer

that were meant
to bloom,
they never did,

fingers ringed
one time,
now bare,
shades of skin,

no wonder you
now hide,
your best,
like a natural



w i n g s

Photograph by Andrew Bould


born a blob
stuck on a leaf
instinctive feeding
tastes of the world
insatiable appetites
confused needs
wants and greed
limits eventually
someday reached
time supreme
now back into
an aging cocoon
reminiscing experiences
evaluating growth
missed opportunities
achieved goals
an inevitable wait
for the shell
to crack,
the karmic wings
then to spread
an emergence
a rebirth,
imminent flights
of a different kind
some saw a butterfly
and some a soul.






The Auction


A painting
a face
a person
but to you
a number is all
that it was worth
the soul
you couldn’t feel
the strokes
you couldn’t understand
the colours
the blending
the shades
the melody
of emotions
just a messy mix
of nothingness to you
And the painter laughs
his brush
now a magic wand
put a number to it
and when
the hammer falls
a number
is all you’ll get
for sometimes
those expressions
that you saw
as just smudges
on a canvas
priceless masterpieces
for some.

Some Nights


Artwork by Sebastian Eriksson



It is just me tonight
the future is gone
I made it go.
the pain of the past,
that never let my present change,
today I finally let it go
like a thorn pierced deep
I could feel it, and it hurt
its hurt for so long
somehow I had forgotten
it was not meant to be like this
what should have been
a healing balm
how did it become such a bane
what should have been my smile
how could it have become
this invisible, yet unbearable pain
but tonight is different
for today I changed my tomorrow.
I know it will never be the same again
for today I said a prayer
as I let go of the years of fear,
and cut deep into my flesh
it pained as I reached it
and slowly pulled it out
no emotion, no remorse,
just a little tear as I let it go.
It had been there for so long
yet it was so easy to let go
but something still hurt
I think it was a broken dream
I tried till I could
to keep my eyes shut
and let the dream go on
but the pain never did recede
and when I could take it no more
the eyes opened to the thorn
and at that moment I knew
the dream was forever gone
but tonight is different
tonight there won’t be any dreams
for tonight I know
it’s the darkness I must see through
and if I survive the ghosts of the night
I know tonight will be the night
that forever changed my tomorrows.
20th May,2013


Some people come into your lives and fake you down to your soul, and somewhere you realise that that is all that they know. Love, trust, honesty and loyalty are words whose value they never learnt. So you thank them, wave them goodbye, and wish them a pleasant one-way journey out of your life. With no regrets, but purely out of the goodness of your own heart, so that you can breathe what you believe in once again.