t h o u g h t s

Pic : Self

the only weight
i carry now,
are my own
imprisoned thoughts,

allow me the time
to release them too,

one by one
into freed words,
till i have none left
to carry home.




m e m o r i e s

Pic : Self

they click pictures
capturing memories,

each other’s
one by one,

and then
the ones together,

with the inherent
intent of a lasting forever,

and as the wave
reaches me,

reminders of mine
come back to me,

i stand smiling
making a wish,

may their’s always
remain with them,

as alive tomorrow
as in this moment,

beyond the reach
of the oncoming wave,

for when the wave
decides to recede,

it often takes back
what it brings with it,

and i click a picture
of that fluid flow,

which returns with mine
back to the sea,

i wait, bid goodbye
unburdened of holding,

that which forever
can’t be held,

knowing they remain
safely in it’s care for eternity.



q u e s t i o n s

Pic : Self

the whys and hows
of life
i tend to tease a lot,

some get answered
by my coaxing calls,

some play to the plan
as life pans out,

some tease back
inspite of
the ripened time,

some i let go of
knowing my own
limited time.



unexplained disappearances

Pic : Self

and if i were
to die
as one day
i will,
a day
my declared
farewell post,

it would
have been
to you,
my brethren of
poetic souls,

though words
on paper with ink,
but intentioned
on this heart’s
parting note,

are good
when ‘hellos’
are assured,
but names
and identies
will be lost
in time,

i hope
my words
will chime again,
on a different day
in a different age,
and you
and i
shall be friends again.



  …though supposed to be undated

l a m p s

Pic : Internet

float little lamp float
this night
is yours to rule,

the waters
that hold you up
will also carry you far,

don’t measure
your light by the sun
tonight you are the star,

no load you carry
in your boat
except the flame you are,

shine for the eyes
that can still see below
through these clouded skies,

float little lamp float
true to the light you hold
till that last drop of oil.