Ek Dastaan

kuchh to di hoti hamein bhi ijazat
ke keh pate hum ik baar
apne dil ka kehna,

ke darr pe to aaye the hum
issi maqsad se tere,
bayaan karne haal-e-rooh ka fasaana,

par lauta diya tumne
bade saleeke se humko,
bina sune, bina kahe jo humko tha kehna,

ab hum tum se gila kya karein,
jab khud ko hi hum
na samajha paye ye kismat ka majrah,

maikhane se ghar tak
ka rasta to ab tak,
madhosh hi mil jaata tha humein,

par maikhane pe bhi ab hum kya jayein,
ke wo nasha bhi ab issi dard
ko rubaru karata hai,

aur tajurba kuch yoon kehta hai
ke un nashon ki khamoshion
mein kho kar bhi,

hum wo tere darr se lauti
ankahi ansuni mayoos si khamoshi,
ko phir kabhi bhi na bhoola paye.

© vidursahdev 2019


die slowly,
who know
they found,
but know
will never

inspite of
the resultant,
melancholic clutter,
they’ll still
live much
richer lives,

than those
who do get,
to have
and to hold,
but so
very miserably,
to see so.

© vidursahdev 2019

Circles, and Lifetimes

Pic : Self – ‘Eagles’

i tease you
with words,
you follow
the paper trail
till you reach me,

one devil
to another
the story repeats,
for if one
holds ground
the other
always runs,

there is
a divine
that keeps
this hellish

of the heaven
that might exist,
if these
two unconventionals

© vidursahdev 2019

Heart Bypass

it had to
happen one day,
and so
eventually it did ,

they sawed
my valiant sternum,
to reach for that
longing aching heart,

the arteries
medically diagnosed,
to be precariously
narrowed and clogged,

the result
of my over indulgence,
in your deliciously addictive
sweet and salty thoughts ,

the ways we satisfy
our innermost cravings
to feed the soul’s yearnings
of feeling a love divine,

but those
deceptively satiating indulgences,
always leave
their mark behind,

as the plaque
of those unattained dreams,
over time has hardened
the once soft walls,

threatening the very survival,
of the once
innocently hopeful,
but now gasping heart,

i knew those bits of you,
the best surgeons
were never taught
to be able to remove,

so tonight
to save my heart,
they stifled
the calling of my soul,

pulled out a few untainted
from neighbouring
intra-body zones,

and bypassed
with surgical precision,
those unlicensed
yet sacred shrines,

where i had been
unknowingly storing,
the mortal remnants of those
beautiful wishful thoughts.

© vidursahdev 2019