Musings : Paheli/Paradox

Pic : Self

koi dhoondta hai
aur agar usse
mil jaaye,
toh phir usme

koi leke chalta hai
hatheli pe
sajaaye wafaa,
ke koi usse
de toh de.

Translation in English:

there are those
who search for love,
and if they find it
they hope
it is strong enough
to hold
their trust,

and there are those,
who know
the sanctity
of that trust,
and wait for a love
to test it
to the hilt.

© vidursahdev 2018


Ink and Blood

Pic : Self

kehte hain dil ka dard likhne wale,
baha dete hain rakht apni kalam se yun,

hum ne toh ek aam siyahi se hi
bayaan haal-e-dil ka likh dala,

rakht to gham-e-judai mein dooba
barson pehle hi sookh gaya,

padh sako to padh lena
iss siyahi mein bhi kai rang
chhipe hain huzoor,

warna rakh dena isse
baizzat, kahin aisi jagah par,

jahan agli baarish mein
ye khud-b-khud, dhul jayega,

siyahi ka mol agar na bhi sahi,
panne ka mol toh mil hi jayega.

Translation in English:

It is said that those who write their heart’s pain, bleed blood through their quills,

but i used an ordinary ink to write, the deepest laments of my heart,

the blood within, drowned in the sorrow of your parting, had long died and dried,

read if you will, the words even in this ordinary ink, still hold a number of varied colours,

else leave this sheet, with respect to the emotions, somehere where the next rain will wash it off,

so what if the words were worthless to you, at least the clean sheet will recover it’s worth.

© vidursahdev 2018


Pic : Self

guzar gaya
ummr bhar sa zamaana
aur aaj phir
teri yaad aayi,

beet gaye aaj saal itne
ke milke bichad gaye
kayi apne
kayi paraaye,

zindagi ne tab
diya tha mauka
bola tha tujko
tham le mujhko,

tu to nikal gayi
haske kahin door
koi aur na samjha
phir is dil ka taraana,

na jaane kitne
hum par sitam na hote
yeh zindagi ka hota
koi aur hi fasaana,

agar tu rukti
uss din se ab tak
to aage bhi hota
jeene ka bahaana,

bola tha tujhko
kar le wafa ka waada
par tu to nikal gayi
hass ke kahin door,

yaadon ki
puraani kuchh
tasveerein aaj phir
bahar nikal aayeen,

na jaane kyon
aaj phir tu yaad aayi.

Translation in English:

Years gone by
feeling like many lifetimes ago
but today somehow
I remembered you again,

so many came
and so many went
some my own
some unknown,

life had offered
an opportunity then
and had told you
hold my hand,

but you smiled
and disappeared
into a future

and no one
ever understood
this heart again,

you knew
my commitment
yet you smiled
and vanished,

and today
for some reason
some memories
came alive,

i wonder why
i remembered you today
i know i wish
then, you had stayed.

© vidursahdev 2018



Pic : Self

I hide behind
the darkest nights
the passion
of a thousand suns,

seek if you know
that fire burns
it’ll ravage you
an entire night,

survive if you do
the depths of oneness
with your soul
still claiming to be yours,

I’ll humbly shed
all cloaks of disguise
and be subservient
to that soul of yours.

© vidursahdev 2018


Oh Sun

Pic : Self

even the earth
needs time off
from you,
oh my dear
shining sun,

though you be
the energy, the light
and the warmth,
that keeps
it alive,

but all life
living on it,
still needs
a break
from you,

you may
be good
to see,
and thank
on another day,

and as punctual,
as only
you are,

but its time
for me to rest too now,
for the moon
awaits to weave
more dreams,

till the next dawn
when you’ll challenge
that weave again,
oh dear sun
its adieu from me.




i n t r o s p e c t i o n

Pic : Self

i could have
lied to myself,
as this world often
conditions us
to do,

i could have saved the ego
from the risk,
and let intentions
remain weak,
lost in the dark,

to someday breathe
an air of regrets,
where you would have
asked me a why,
or maybe a why not,

so i chose to stretch
this temporary neck,
the strength
of the bones it holds,

pretence was never
my strength to show,
where the flow
of energy
is a stranger known,

i like to have
my feet in the sand,
of the waves
rocking me to and fro,

its the sinking to a point
that i love,
and the confidence
that beyond it
me, it will hold,

i dont look for answers
that my eyes can’t feel,
for some said words lie,
beyond the logics
of this visual time,

yet there exists
which holds value,
in the here and now
as well as in the beyond,

you and i
are a tiny bit
in this
evolving realm,

you everyday
seem to grow,
into the sea
and sands
that so well i know,

so i let myself go,
to sink is easy,
and not everyone knows
how to hold,

for eyes here
often seek more,
than what they know
they can meaningfully




d i s c o l o u r e d

Pic: Self

i squeeze

to the
every bit
of strength
i have,

and as

i realise,
seeped in
too deep,

of it’s walls.