O’ Moon/Ai Chand… (bilingual)

Pic : Self

Ai Chand…       (hindi)

iss jahaan ka kya
yakeen karoon main ab,

har shaks hai padhta
alag hi zubaan,

jahan ishq wafa ka
na koi pata ya thikana,

taron ki chamak hai
par na hai koi ujaala,

badlon ki mehfil mein
kahan hai tu bhi khoya,

ai chand aaj tu bhi
dagaa de gaya.


O’ Moon!       (english)

what belief
can i hold
in this world today,

every one
in different words,

where love
and loyalty
are without a home,

where stars
do shine
but darkness rules,

where do you hide
this night
dear Moon,

you were my hope
and the guiding

i seek you out
but my vision

tonight, you too
seem to have
let me down.




s m o k e/ d h u a n (bilingual)

Pic : Self

d h u a n         (hindi)

bhikar gaya
kabhi jo dhuan
main ban kar,

yaad karna
uss shama
ki lau ko,

jisne mujhe
azaad kiya.

s m o k e        (english)

if i disperse
into oblivion
like those
plumes of

that emanate
from the lamp
that burns,

give my
to it’s light
that so
set me free.



p a n n a / p a g e (bilingual)

Pic : Self

p a n n a      (hindi)

kya karoon
uss panne
se shikwa,
woh toh
na kora tha
na tha

hawa ka
jhonka tha
aaya aur gaya,
likh baitha
phir kyon
itna usspe main
soch ke mera.


p a g e          (english)

how can i
that sheet,
that was
neither blank
nor mine
to write on,

like the wind
it flew in
and flew out,
just wonder why
i penned so much
of myself
on that page.



declarations/bayaan (bilingual)

Pic: Self

b a y a a n    (hindi)

chale the haal e dil
bayaan karne

zehn mein khayal
bana tha yoon

na rahat mili
na raasta

kuchh haalat
ranjish kar gaye

kuchh aankhon ne bhi
galat padh liya.


d e c l a r a t i o n s   (english)

set out to open
the heart’s wares,

a message of love
seeking completion,

but couldn’t find
the reprieve needed,

for the knock on the door
remained ignored,

maybe the eyes
had read the address wrong.



i f …

Pic : Self

if poetry
was just a passion
i too
could’ve been a poet,

but the muse
that i got
is so hard
to please,

and is seldom
by the
words i write,

just to earn
that effervescent
and endearing
toothy smile,

which believe me
is still worth beyond,
all other possible
poetic accolades.