question/sawaal   (bilingual)

Pic : Self

s a w a a l        (hindi)ab sab kuchh
agar kehana hi pade
to jazbon ki kimat
kya hogi,

har subah ka suraj
agar roz kah ke jage
toh uss subah
ki kimat  kya hogi,

na hoon main na hai tu
khud se be-khabar
agar phir bhi hai darr
khud se hone ka door,

toh phir ishq mohabbat
pyar wafa
in sab imaanon
ki kimat kya hogi.

q u e s t i on       (english)
if everything needs
words to be conveyed
then what is left
of the intrinsic value
of the emotions held,

if the sun had to announce
his arrival each day
what would be left
of of the unsaid trust
we hold in him,

neither am i, nor are you
even a little disconnected
with our souls within
so why the fear
of losing yourself,

if love, compassion trust and faith
reduced one from what one is
then what would be left
of the relevance
of our belief in them.




ode to a muse

Pic : Self

in a time gone by
years, and years ago

you showed me the depth
that love could be,

on a stage set
like a movie screen,

i watched reality
as it unfolded so,

the existence of love
inspite of this world,

unknown to you then
you became the muse,

years, and years on
that memory still holds,

for artists to be inspired
muses come and muses go,

but mine remains
steadfast to this day,

for anything less
is blind to my vision,

and anything more
would just not be you.


27Nov 17

little things…

Pic: Self

like the eyes which shine
before the smile on your face,

like the awakening rays
of the morning sun,

like the little raindrops
that show up first,

like a precious memory
which breaks the dam,

like sleep that teasingly lingers
heavy on the eyes,

the little things that free my soul,
often come slowly,
and then all at once.



Inspired by :

As he read, I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.

John GreenThe Fault in Our Stars