shama/lamp (bilingual)

Pic : Self

s h a m a   (hindi, urdu)

na kar wafa
uss shama se tu,
jis ne khud
jal jal ke
bujh hi
jaana hai,

dhoond le tu,
agar tujhe
mile koi
ashiq aisa,
jaise uss
shama ka jo
parwana hai.


The attraction of the moth to the light of a lamp, is an analogy a lot of poetry written through different times, has often used.

The words above basically say –

stop chasing
the lamp,
for the lamp
that burns
will eventually
burn itself out
into darkness,

if you seek love
seek the heart
that knows
selfless love,
like the moth
that is willing
to end it’s life,

for the love
of the flame
in which
it itself
eventually burns.




d i s c o u n t e d

sold on discount
i often wonder
my worth,

did my
value fall,

or was there
just an
inherent need,

to clear out
my irrelevance 
on the shelf,

do i now live below
my creator’s value
of me,

or just pretend
to be worthy

of the price,
that you paid
to own,

my this
discounted worth.



s e a s o n s

Pic : Self

seasons change
and what a blessing
that they so
predictably do,

stretch that analogy
to people around
and yes, i say
they change too,

you say
once their purpose done
like seasons
they must move on,

and those that stay
consistent throughout
like the sun
are far and few,

i nod
in agreement
and so does
the old tree,

it has seen
them change
and learnt to grow
through each.



Y o u !

Pic : Self

Time doesn’t heal
but i found
the strength
to give time off today,

it had never stopped
and i knew today too
would just be
another passing moment,

Like it always does
it would pass off
to live as just another
memory in the mind,

playing on hindsight
somewhere again
to analyse how far
this self had come,

Strangely for a past
that had undone me often
leaving me scattered
to bits,

i did manage
to tie up the
pending loose ends
into amazing artistic knots,

While they’ll wonder
if it was a
different being
in a known physical guise,

i revel in knowing
how your presence
in the midst
of a continuing battle,

still manages to give me
that uncanny strength
to walk carefree
with a white flag aloft,

blowing a pipe
of peace
amidst those relentless
guns trained,

Fearless no longer
of any judgements
of any committed rights
or assumed wrongs,

but just to live
in this fleeting moment,
knowing nothing else
really matters,

when you
are around.



f i r e

Pic: Self

you don’t know
the storms
i have faced,

you don’t know
the fears
i have erased,

you may
know me
as what i was,

but don’t
test me
to what i can be,

the essence of fire
is always
the same,

in a lamp
it is light
which burns to give,

in a forest
it’s a  a fire
raging its wrath,

any energy
and you risk its ire,

don’t judge the form
the visible matter,

when lightening falls
it seldom comes

and the tallest then
to the ground.



f l a s h b a c k

Pic : Internet

in the last
few moments,
that his
fading memory,

those few
sputtering flashes
of the lived life,

as it now
to ebb away,

he found
a strange
in knowing the fact,

that those
which popped
even in this
fleeting randomness,

as prioritised by him
in his life
still remained
firmly confined,

to only those –
                                      with her.