All Messed Up

they say
is what I
seek to have,

a condition
till its attainment
a success,

while the soul
lives in the
of this spectrum,

the relevance
of this
man-made mess.

© vidursahdev 2018


All that I have

Pic : Self

Rebuke me
for my

but that
is all
that I have,

for contrary contradictions
I have
somehow managed to survive,

experiences experienced
in a predictably
short life,

to levels
of saturations,

that precipitate
conditioned notions,

there is
an ensuing battle
I constantly witness,

a dictatorially staid logic
and illogical free emotions,

I have often
refused to fight
to ensure the sanity of my mind,

and yet in human frailty
been often dragged
to fight from either ends,

I have yet to win
a battle
that might win me the war,

for neither side
seems a friend
and surely neither is a foe,

and when I myself
can’t make much sense
of it all,

how could I be
to preach any sense of it to you,

so rebuke me
for my

but that
is all
that I have to share.

© vidursahdev 2018


Pic : Self

it is good to
reask the questions,

to which
the existing answers
don’t feel as yours,

if need be,
reject them
again and again,

even if those questions,
gnaw at your mind,

answers may come,
or may evade you
an entire lifetime,

but there is nothing worse
than accepting
a wrong answer,

to a question
that to you
is inherently right.

© vidursahdev 2018