Pic : Self

so only when
the cup

i generously share
the ‘me’
it holds,

for everything
that i now
giveth away,

reduces me
to ‘less’
no more.

© vidursahdev 2018



Pic : Self

it is good to
reask the questions,

to which
the existing answers
don’t feel as yours,

if need be,
reject them
again and again,

even if those questions,
gnaw at your mind,

answers may come,
or may evade you
an entire lifetime,

but there is nothing worse
than accepting
a wrong answer,

to a question
that to you
is inherently right.

© vidursahdev 2018


Pic : Self

Bring your desires
to a zero,
for desires
are the cause
of all strife,

i too believed in it,
and then
with some unasked help
from the generous

one day
it dawned on me,
that maybe
i had actually
achieved the goal,

it set me thinking
with all desires
now gone,
hope too didn’t need
a home to stay,

for what is hope
but the
lingering faith,
that someday
things will change,

and atleast some
of the unfulfilled
desires in life,
will finally
see their own day,

but the absence
of desires,
did not halt
or steal my breath away,

i was still alive
sitting up at night,
if this really was the last
to be done,

then what purpose
did this inhale exhale
have left,
when i really needed
nothing no more,

didn’t i just
win the hand,
shouldn’t in all fairness
the game
be over and done,

but since
it apparently wasn’t,
i sat a bit longer
pondering on it
some more,

for what would i do
if unnecessarily given,
the sunrise
of another
beautiful day,

and somewhere down
that long ponderous
i made a little deal
with myself,

as i switched on
the lamp and answered
my own query,
by writing a little note
to myself,

that in this unfathomable
vast creation
of inexplicable logic,
where the stars
and fireflies shine alike,

and where
all my science
at best,
will still always be
just a curious learning child,

if by chance
i still did end up
waking to another
frivolous bonus day,

i would spend it
selfishly and honestly,
for myself,
to find, see
and observe,

at least
one moment,
of pure magical
each day,

which all
my desires
had so deviously
kept me from.

© vidursahdev 2018

The Fabric of Life

Pic : Self

Unweaving woven threads
sometimes a necessity,

borne out of,
deceptive materials at large,

fingers deft
at putting them together,

now fumble
and quiveringly linger,

to undo their
own painstaking craft,

broken strands
can’t hold others,

weaken even those
that run their course,

and over time
the holes only grow,

Now undone,
each thread on its own,

time for the culprits
to be let go,

the fingers search
with experienced eyes,

for threads that love
being intertwined,

to weave a new fabric
once again from the start,

resilient in each strand
that’ll make its core,

and together those
that now shall meet,

will withstand,
the ominous tests of time.

© vidursahdev 2018

Pen and Paper

Pic : Internet

Flipsides exist
as they
always do,

a pen writes
and a paper
gets written on,

inky traces
really immaterial
to both,

but it writes
for it knows not
how else to meet its love,

What flows may be
rustic or rudimentary
in style,

or as intricate as
the weave
of the emperor’s new clothes,

some pens
paint pictures
that linger in the mind,

some write passions
that can rekindle
hopeless hearts in binds,

the pen and paper
usually oblivious
of their part in that art,

meeting and parting
at forced
commas and full stops,

Till stories are written
and read
by some too,

the writer may still hold
an imaginary pen,

and hopefully
the pen and paper
will continue to meet,

and therein
their dying love story
will continue to live.

© vidursahdev 2018

Some Shores

Pic : Self

past the deserts
and the dry
arid lands,

i reach
that shore,
from where
you begin,
and are without
any end,

the blistered
and the now
drained soul,
your waters
so tempt,

for a permanent
or a

get answered,
when they are
put to the

so i step in
into your arms,
with the belief
that it is time,
for the answers
to be told.

© vidursahdev 2018