The Pain Of It

Pain makes you miss
the medicine,

which could be...

just a presence,

or a knowing
nursing smile,

or an annoying question
emanating from a deep
genuine concern,

which often
gives you
the opportunity
to release some of
that pain,

the resultant frustration,

through a spontaneous
though disguised
verbalised annoyance,

while secretly,


the genuineness
of that concern,

that affection,

that love,

(which will always be
beyond the scope
of the best
clinically formulated
prescribed medications),

and letting it seep
deep into yourself,
for the natural elixir it is,

and always will be,

for its ability
to be the balm
which makes you forget
the sting of the pain,

evenif it can’t
in the moment,
weed it out
from its root.

© vidursahdev 2022