The Flu

Pic : Self

This one for fun…

cough cough
sniff sniff
nose red
drip drip,
you do
i do
the one
who gave
it to us,
though not
the exception
there was
a kiss
hot soup
no strength
to fight,
don’t really
matter now,
cough cough
sniff sniff
when you
the flu!

© vidursahdev 2018



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Samajh samajh ke
bhool hi gaye hum,
ke har baat samajhni
zaroori nahin hoti,

samjhaana kitna
aassan thaa humme,
har hadd ki samajh
seekhi thi humne,

kaash nasamajh hote
aur hadd ka ilm na hota,
sazaa milke bhi
sazaa ka dard na hota.

Translation in English:

I was understanding, and so it was so easy to make me understand….for somewhere I forgot that everything doesn’t need to be understood.

I wish I wasn’t so…and didn’t know what boundaries meant, for the punishment might have been the same, but an ignorant me, wouldn’t have felt the pain.

© vidursahdev 2018


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Caffeinated sips
sink one by one
to keep afloat
sinking senses,

unblinking eyes
gaze as spectators
through fastened
glass panes,

amazed at
the pace
the world
trots around,

Planned directions
clear intents
goals in sight
tying loose ends,

observed the hats
turn black to grey
silver and white
till bald they show,

painted faces
red rose lips
fade in the sun
till creases show,

These eyes
have aged
with these sights
and sounds,

and as the liquid
kicks in
a bit stronger
this time,

I too must
step out that door
figure directions
find my home.

© vidursahdev 2018


Pic: Internet

A walk down
the lanes of history,

the feel of being amidst
a long gone past,

that still seems to breath
in the stones laid beneath,

or amongst the honeycombed
imposing structured walls,

my imagination runs wild
with the hooves of horses,

that trotted on these
weathered cobbled stones once,

thoughts that send shivery chills
down the spine,

lingering vibrations of those
that once lived here,

whose tales survived
well beyond their little lives,

was I there, I wonder
when the battles were fought,

when swords shined
till the blood had splattered,

stories of extreme valour
and stories of depraved deceit,

was blood then still
thicker than water,

or was the greed for more
still a force to reckon with,

was love as staid but gracious
as history tells,

or was it wild and free
and had the courage to fight,

lost in my thoughts
I can almost hear live sounds,

the feeling of being one
with the events of that gone time,

and as I turn back from
that glorious past,

I wonder if these silent stones
secretly ever laugh,

at the repitituous nature
of human history,

still stuck in
a forward and rewind.

© vidursahdev 2018


Pic : Self

I hide behind
the darkest nights
the passion
of a thousand suns,

seek if you know
that fire burns
it’ll ravage you
an entire night,

survive if you do
the depths of oneness
with your soul
still claiming to be yours,

I’ll humbly shed
all cloaks of disguise
and be subservient
to that soul of yours.

© vidursahdev 2018


Pic: Self

Show me
the world
through your
travelled eyes,

there are places
my steps
may never
reach or find,

I long to see
which still
elludes my sight,

the stories
the visuals
the histories
the people there,

I want to to feel
their presence
their ways
and their talks,

show me the world
the boundaries
of my own,

I want to feel
the pallete
of all the colors
that are there.

© vidursahdev 2018


Pic : Self

by a dilemma,
a writer
an innocent riddle,

asking for solutions
from those that
might have answers
to this very
curious malady,

‘I seem unable
to write my words,
for reasons
here till
unknown to me,

the paper either
burns into flames,
at the touch
of the willing
brimming quill,

or it just ends up
smudging the ink,
falling apart
as if dipped
in a salty sea’.

© vidursahdev 2018