Of Dates and Calendars

The year comes to an end
much like
the years before,

the old calendar falls
and the new one
takes its place,

time ticks
at its pace,

at the psychological change,

i acknowledge the laugh
with what time
me, has taught,

and as time maintains its pace
i, in the moment
take a step back,

to go
through all the calendars
that i’ve been allowed to live,

and pause to marvel
at the deaths
i miraculously managed to survive,

to relish once again
the dates
that were life,

the people
behind those dates,
the days
and those times,

oxygen is so overestimated
for in air
it is only twenty-one percent,

but people
can often be life,

one hundred percent
of that little
twenty-one percent,

a breath is often
as valuable
as the value of those around,

and the earth is a party
of people,
even the stars
don’t get to attend,

time ticks
while i continue
to remain lost in my thoughts,

holding the treasured book
of all
the calendars thus far,

the past generously pops up faces,

like a random
jack in the box,

some were lessons that only
could’ve taught,

some i hammer down
some i keep in my heart,

and some will remain there
till my time
eventually comes,

some i know will continue
into the far beyond,

the year comes to an end
much like
many before,

after painstakingly
sifting all its gold,
i release the old,

and when i look
at what i got collected
over time’s generous
though relentless tick tocks,

i think i got enough,

it may not seem to be much
but it shines as if it were,

enough –

to go home with a smile,

pour myself some wine,

light myself a warm fire
to counter this winter cold,

on a nail
that has so far
stood the test of time,

a new
blank calendar,

and allow time to mark
the dates that might be,

the only way it does –

one at a time,

tick-tock, tick-tock,
tick-tock, tick-tock.

© vidursahdev 2022