Musings: My Day Off

…and I
open the wardrobe,

every few minutes
on a normal life day,

a different costume needed
for every different role,

there is confusion created,

on an often
unforgiving stage.

sooner or later,

this art becomes
an expectation,

and one,
a wild horse,

at a judgemental dressage.

The more the roles
one plays,

the more one
hopefully believes,

that someday he too
will be entitled,

to somehow win
an Oscar someday.

…and the fact remains
that some do too,

receiving love and affection,
from another on stage,

… and some don’t,
for that’s how it just goes,

not every nominee
can expect to win the Oscar,

…but today is my day off,
and the wardrobe remains shut,

I forget the essence,

of the person
who constantly,

goes through
various unscripted roles,

but at best
still remains,

a clueless
lost soul.

© vidursahdev 2019


An ode to the Anatomy

It is all
in the head,

the cage,

the twists
the turns,

the thoughts
the pressure,

the unending

of desires
and dreams,

an incessant


in a
smokeless kiln,

four holes

for intake
and release,

it’s all
in the head,

and the rest
is just,

a perfectly


© vidursahdev 2019

My Tryst with Lonliness / Tanhayi aur Main

Pic : Self

Tanhayi ne khud se
yoon mila diya,

ek parchayee mein jaise ussne
ek dil basa diya,

jisse kabhi darr lagta tha
ussi ne iss kadar apna bana liya,

ke ab mehfilon mein bhi
tanhaa sa ghoomta hoon,

chehron ki iss bhidh mein
usske saaye ko hi dhoondta hoon.

English translation:

Lonliness introduced me
to myself in such a way,

as if she had planted
a heart in a shadow,

what I used to fear
seems a best friend now,

and even in a crowd
of known unknown faces,

I look for the comfort
in the quietude of her shadow.

© vidursahdev 2019