c r a c k e d

seep in through
the cracks slowly,

just enough
to fill the gaps,

like streaks of lightning
mark your presence,

in these voids
which were absent once,

broken is redundant
the world has taught,

the damaged can always
still be repaired,

the form remains
complete in shadows,

its sunlight
which bares the painful cracks,

the paradox
of what is complete,
and who completes who,

is beyond the comprehension
of a simple heart,

so seep in through
these cracks slowly,

just enough
to bridge the gaps.



l a t e n t

Pic: Self

lay there waiting
for the longest time,

invisible barricades
keeping it confined,

each drop of lived life
adding to the reservoir
hidden from sight,

there is a limit to that
which can be
artificially withheld,

water contained
in any magnitude
when freed will flow,

i did not change
any form or character
when the superficial walls cracked,

it was the inherent being
that outgrew the limitations
and found its own natural flow.