h i d d e n

Pic : Self

i am
more than
the me
you see,

but paints
i splashed
words written,

to distract
ignorant eyes
from the essence,

truth hidden
on a painter’s canvas
to be deciphered,

naturally attract
the passing

the visible surface
seen by all
but beneath
the layers,

read by none.




Oh Sun

Pic : Self

even the earth
needs time off
from you,
oh my dear
shining sun,

though you be
the energy, the light
and the warmth,
that keeps
it alive,

but all life
living on it,
still needs
a break
from you,

you may
be good
to see,
and thank
on another day,

and as punctual,
as only
you are,

but its time
for me to rest too now,
for the moon
awaits to weave
more dreams,

till the next dawn
when you’ll challenge
that weave again,
oh dear sun
its adieu from me.



i n t r o s p e c t i o n

Pic : Self

i could have
lied to myself,
as this world often
conditions us
to do,

i could have saved the ego
from the risk,
and let intentions
remain weak,
lost in the dark,

to someday breathe
an air of regrets,
where you would have
asked me a why,
or maybe a why not,

so i chose to stretch
this temporary neck,
the strength
of the bones it holds,

pretence was never
my strength to show,
where the flow
of energy
is a stranger known,

i like to have
my feet in the sand,
of the waves
rocking me to and fro,

its the sinking to a point
that i love,
and the confidence
that beyond it
me, it will hold,

i dont look for answers
that my eyes can’t feel,
for some said words lie,
beyond the logics
of this visual time,

yet there exists
which holds value,
in the here and now
as well as in the beyond,

you and i
are a tiny bit
in this
evolving realm,

you everyday
seem to grow,
into the sea
and sands
that so well i know,

so i let myself go,
to sink is easy,
and not everyone knows
how to hold,

for eyes here
often seek more,
than what they know
they can meaningfully



m e m o r i e s

Pic : Self

they click pictures
capturing memories,

each other’s
one by one,

and then
the ones together,

with the inherent
intent of a lasting forever,

and as the wave
reaches me,

reminders of mine
come back to me,

i stand smiling
making a wish,

may their’s always
remain with them,

as alive tomorrow
as in this moment,

beyond the reach
of the oncoming wave,

for when the wave
decides to recede,

it often takes back
what it brings with it,

and i click a picture
of that fluid flow,

which returns with mine
back to the sea,

i wait, bid goodbye
unburdened of holding,

that which forever
can’t be held,

knowing they remain
safely in it’s care for eternity.



question/sawaal   (bilingual)

Pic : Self

s a w a a l        (hindi)ab sab kuchh
agar kehana hi pade
to jazbon ki kimat
kya hogi,

har subah ka suraj
agar roz kah ke jage
toh uss subah
ki kimat  kya hogi,

na hoon main na hai tu
khud se be-khabar
agar phir bhi hai darr
khud se hone ka door,

toh phir ishq mohabbat
pyar wafa
in sab imaanon
ki kimat kya hogi.

q u e s t i on       (english)
if everything needs
words to be conveyed
then what is left
of the intrinsic value
of the emotions held,

if the sun had to announce
his arrival each day
what would be left
of of the unsaid trust
we hold in him,

neither am i, nor are you
even a little disconnected
with our souls within
so why the fear
of losing yourself,

if love, compassion trust and faith
reduced one from what one is
then what would be left
of the relevance
of our belief in them.