A Test of Time

pass away,

what has to go
finds a way,

needs and wants
keep changing

irrespective of
the perspective
from either side,

to let go or to hold on
is often a game
the ego plays,

bit it seems
with you around
mine died on its own,

now i wait and watch
how yours
plays out,

for needs and wants
are just
an illusion,

but love, if it is
will always find
a way to stay.

© vidursahdev 2019


Love, and Me

Pic : Self

love is a seed
i water everyday,
deep within me,

and there alone
it slowly grows,
and blooms
each day,

it is mine
to own,
it often owns me,

and in the reverberations
of my heart,
its roots
grow entrenched,

its shoots
find my veins,
my senses inwards,

there is a light
that i get from it,
which calms
my seeking soul,

it shines like
a beacon,
when sunlight
fails to guide me home,

there is no object
that i context it to,
it is a blessing
of pure chance,

and i selfishly
but gratefully nurture it,
with every
drop of me,

for externals
can often be measured,
valued and traded
like things,

but what grows within,
remains mine
to own forever,
even if secretly.

© vidursahdev 2019

Waqt, Tum, aur Main (Bilingual)

Waqt ke sawarne ka
toh sabhi intezaar karte hain,

Kuch hum hi pagal the
jo waqt ko sawaarne chale,

Na tum jaan paye
ye pagalpan ka suroor,

Na hum pooch paaye
kya mere dil ka kasoor,

Ajnabhi se toh the hi
milne se pehle hum aur tum,

Phir waqt ne tumse mila kar
humein yoon gair kyon bana diya.

English version

Time, You, and Me

Every one waits
for their time to change,

But I like a fool
set out to change time,

Neither did you fathom
the depth of my madness,

Nor did I ever get to ask you
as to where my heart had faulted,

Like disconnected souls we were
before you and I had met,

Then why did time play us
and this sordid game,

Enticing and ensnaring slowly
only to leave us estranged.

©️vidursahdev 2019

The Kingly Pawn

Pic: Self

I laugh
at my predicament,

I see you pass by,

for in their claim
of a fair universe,

where love
values love,

they should’ve
told you too,

what they had
whispered in my ears,

but mischief
still abounds,

as the moon
waxes and wanes,

and though
I value presences,

I know their exits
remain ordained,

The full moon

once again
last night,

as it saw you
pass by me,

without a clue
or a glance,

apparently the stars
have still not aligned,

and so in a game
where I remain,

a kingly
two legged pawn,

I once again
patiently walk you home,

through the skies
of my thoughts,

the pebbled paths
of my words,

and back into
the safety of my heart.

©️ vidursahdev 2019


I hold
your absence
than the
rusting wish
for your real presence,

for I know,
when to give up
on what I
can’t have,
and hold on
to that
which will always remain,

when reality
teases the merits
of existence,
mocking my claim
to what
should’ve been,

roll the dice
as many times
and I’ll still
take it all,
the spill
of a single drop,

you’ll feel
my presence
someday too,
when you rummage
through the
that I left behind,

for an absence
an eternal
deep in the space
that none else
can ever find.

©️ vidursahdev 2019