Ode to a Crow

Pic : Self

Judged on color
and appearance,

misjudged for
everything else
you are,

though none gets
an option
to choose,

yet they play
their pretentious

You seek not
what is
sought by them,

nor do you
pretend to be

you remain
to who you are,

in every
possible way
of existence,

And when
they shoo you

amidst themselves
still searching
for themselves,

for some love
from another,

you fly away
in a noisy

Though with
a knowing

that none
really matters,

when inspite
of the
worldly spite,

one crow
can still
love another.

© vidursahdev 2018


Cab Tales

Pic : Self

Long conversations
on busy city roads,
between the driver
and a curious mind,

while the car moves
alongside so many others
most drivers guided now
by a heavenly satellite,

a pent up voice in front
begins to tell a story,
of his own life’s
continuing traffic jams,

his today, his now
he shares with a stranger,
his future, as he plans
he pans out orally for advice,

his pain, his torment
he lays bare without shame,
he tells me about his family
and now I know their names,

irrespective of all the dents
there is so much beauty,
when a person speaks
keeping his self pride intact,

inspite of all the jams
he must drive through,
his confidence in a better future
is based on his own strengths,

he smiles thoughtfully
at the green light ahead,
and I know he is on a road
different from his car,

bereft of the status’s
that the world stamps on us,
it’s an experience to hear
when a human really talks,

my story, your story
is no different from his,
and we part with mutual wishes
for a happier road ahead.

© vidursahdev 2018

Musings – Often…

Pic: Self ‘Cloudy Skies’

We travel through life, searching for so many things, some we find some we don’t,

some we get to keep, till the journey is done, some with or without a choice, we do let go,

the journey continues, for life is seldom dependent, on whether one is happy or sad,

We often measure our own state of sadness by the smiling faces we see around,

we often only count our blessings, when see another’s eyes drip their greater pain,

we seldom care to know beyond our own, but the world was created unbiasedly the same,

Timings may differ for individual seasons, and so may their smile and the expression of pain,

but be sure that each one, that you see in contrast and contradiction, to your own state,

has had their smiles, and plenty tears too, so don’t judge them ever from your present place.

© vidursahdev 2018

unexplained disappearances

Pic : Self

and if i were
to die
as one day
i will,
a day
my declared
farewell post,

it would
have been
to you,
my brethren of
poetic souls,

though words
on paper with ink,
but intentioned
on this heart’s
parting note,

are good
when ‘hellos’
are assured,
but names
and identies
will be lost
in time,

i hope
my words
will chime again,
on a different day
in a different age,
and you
and i
shall be friends again.



  …though supposed to be undated

f r e e 

Pic : Self

run on rails,
laid out to reach

fulfilling the
the needs of many,
who travel
in the same

but you and i
are souls
that needn’t
be bound in

we can aim
for our own
growth goals,
as they are,

and yet travel
knowingly ignoring
the human disguises
that we by birth wear.