Winter Rain

There is something
winter rain,

reminds me
of you,

maybe its inherent

or maybe
i have
always loved its sound,

maybe that it breaks
the monotony
of the frozen silence,

or maybe
my wish
that it always be around,

there is something
winter rain,

that always
reminds me
of you,

and maybe
it’s just the fact
that you so love it too.

© vidursahdev 2019

In Search of Home

Behind smokescreens
we so proudly live,

our perfectly moulded
scripted lives,

and i wander in search
of a place unknown,

where this is not
the way to be,

for mine
shattered long ago,

and another will surely
suffocate me to death.

© vidursahdev 2019


i break
like glass,
a former whole,
but now
in scattered pieces,

as i always was,
but now
you just can’t
ignore me,

and i love
the way your eyes,
carefully inspect
each diamond
shard of mine,

i broke
like glass,
but now bask
under the sunshine
of your attentive eyes,

you wanted to avoid
the devil in the details,
but the details
no longer
apply to me,

i sought you
as a whole,
but as whole
maybe it wasn’t
just meant to be,

so i broke
like glass,
as so often
hearts do
break too,

and each piece
a knife,
whose blade
finally gets to reflect
your eyes,

and inspite
of the pieces
i finally find my peace,
amongst these reflections
that i now hold.

© vidursahdev 2019