Pegs and Holes

Sometimes I wonder
what I’d find
if l could peek into
the silent of your mind,

would it tally with this reality
that so often seems
such a waste
of this given time,

or would it be
a world
where existence
goes far beyond,

the shallow pretenses
of fake niceties
and obligatory
sugar coated blurbs,

sometimes I wonder
what I’d find
if I could unlock
the dark of your soul,

would it be
as calm and composed
as a warm
and gentle spring breeze,

by the built up expectations
of everything
that it shouldn’t be,

or would it still
be alive enough
to share its seeking
stormy shadows with mine,

and have
deep conversations
which bend
the world of accepted rules,

of how
even round pegs can
magically melt and
fit into square holes.

©️ vidursahdev 2020