r e a l i t y

Pic: Self

you can
breathe in
invisible air,
but you can’t
hold on to
the fragrances
it carries therein,

for what
and teases
the hungry senses,
is often
as momentary
as the tick
of a clock,

what can’t
seep in
through those
emotionless lungs,
the heart
might yearn
in all the ways
that hurt,

but the blood
that runs
seeks more
to live,
than just
the hollow trickery
of easily inebriated




d i s c o u n t e d

sold on discount
i often wonder
my worth,

did my
value fall,

or was there
just an
inherent need,

to clear out
my irrelevance 
on the shelf,

do i now live below
my creator’s value
of me,

or just pretend
to be worthy

of the price,
that you paid
to own,

my this
discounted worth.



p r i o r i t i e s

Pic: Self

you own
your skies,

it by choice,

your priorities

in the pieces
that shine,

i disappear

much like
the moon,

bit by bit
night by night,

till your sky
is clear,

of any trace
of mine,

the moon
by habit,

still does

but i seek
a sky,

where i am
the sun.



b e g i n n i n g s

Pic: Internet

have you ever
lost a piece
of writing,

where years
of ink rested
in short stories,

some complete
to your mind
yet not fully,

some started
and left to thaw
for a revisit,

have you ever
lost a piece
of you,

in the words
on those
missing sheets,

knowing the past
will never
find ink again,

and the blank sheets
that now
lie in front,

will only sip
those drops
that tell a story,

which has
a beginning
in today.



s e a s o n s

Pic : Self

seasons change
and what a blessing
that they so
predictably do,

stretch that analogy
to people around
and yes, i say
they change too,

you say
once their purpose done
like seasons
they must move on,

and those that stay
consistent throughout
like the sun
are far and few,

i nod
in agreement
and so does
the old tree,

it has seen
them change
and learnt to grow
through each.



Y o u !

Pic : Self

Time doesn’t heal
but i found
the strength
to give time off today,

it had never stopped
and i knew today too
would just be
another passing moment,

Like it always does
it would pass off
to live as just another
memory in the mind,

playing on hindsight
somewhere again
to analyse how far
this self had come,

Strangely for a past
that had undone me often
leaving me scattered
to bits,

i did manage
to tie up the
pending loose ends
into amazing artistic knots,

While they’ll wonder
if it was a
different being
in a known physical guise,

i revel in knowing
how your presence
in the midst
of a continuing battle,

still manages to give me
that uncanny strength
to walk carefree
with a white flag aloft,

blowing a pipe
of peace
amidst those relentless
guns trained,

Fearless no longer
of any judgements
of any committed rights
or assumed wrongs,

but just to live
in this fleeting moment,
knowing nothing else
really matters,

when you
are around.