q u e s t i o n s

Pic : Self

the whys and hows
of life
i tend to tease a lot,

some get answered
by my coaxing calls,

some play to the plan
as life pans out,

some tease back
inspite of
the ripened time,

some i let go of
knowing my own
limited time.




O’ Moon/Ai Chand… (bilingual)

Pic : Self

Ai Chand…       (hindi)

iss jahaan ka kya
yakeen karoon main ab,

har shaks hai padhta
alag hi zubaan,

jahan ishq wafa ka
na koi pata ya thikana,

taron ki chamak hai
par na hai koi ujaala,

badlon ki mehfil mein
kahan hai tu bhi khoya,

ai chand aaj tu bhi
dagaa de gaya.


O’ Moon!       (english)

what belief
can i hold
in this world today,

every one
in different words,

where love
and loyalty
are without a home,

where stars
do shine
but darkness rules,

where do you hide
this night
dear Moon,

you were my hope
and the guiding

i seek you out
but my vision

tonight, you too
seem to have
let me down.



grudge/ranjish (bilingual)

Pic : Self

r a n j i s h    (hindi)
un hawaon se kya
ranjish rakhein hum,

kabhi toofan hain
toh kabhi halka sa jhonka,

patton ko kabhi choo kar
chupke se nikal jateen hain,

to khabi uss unche darakht ko bhi
zameen par gira jateen hai,

na bulane se kabhi aati hain
na kehne se yoonhi chali jati hain,

jahan se bhi guzarti hain
apni mehak si chhodh jateen hain,

kuchh yadein bhi hawaein
hi ban kar rah jateen hain,

ab un be-ghar yaadon se bhi
kya ranjish rakhein hum.


g r u d g e    (english)

how can i hold a grudge
against the wind,

sometimes she’s a storm
and sometimes a gentle rush,

whether teasing the leaves
with a tender caress,

or leaving the egoistical tree
razed to the ground,

neither does she heed
my need when i call,

nor does she depart
when i ask her to go,

her trail of scent always
leaving me wanting more,

some memories also
often become like that,

how can i grudge
those memories, that are so.



p e n n i e s

Pic : Internet

put all your pennies
in your pocket,

and count them often
to know they’ve grown,

walk the happy step
with head held high,

and hear the jingle
of their clinking song,

enjoy the feeling
of this cold comfort,

for they define you
in the world you live,

and when your steps
are close to their end,

you’ll know which songs
really mattered the most.