Musings – ‘Loneliness’


in its positvity 

is best defined 

by the lamp 

that burns alone, 

but brings cheer 

even to the darkness 

that comes  in contact with it.

©Vidur Sahdev 2017


Author: vidur sahdev

Living it comes!

20 thoughts on “Musings – ‘Loneliness’”

      1. I get a very nice response from them and it seems to bring my writing to life for me to hear it in my own voice…it is healing and satisfying at the same I guess maybe? I posted one last night and I use soundcloud and Im glad you are now thinking of it!

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      2. My first try was using the wordpress recording but you can not listen to it once you record it, it just gets posted so I didnt like that sometimes I sound very young hahaa and well some of the things I write it just wasnt a good combo if you know what I mean so using soundcloud you can preview it and post it yourself just fyi 😀

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      3. You are just so kind to say! Even if you dont post them for all of us to listen hearing these beautiful lines you string together no matter the subject in your own voice might surprise just what it can make you feel.

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