i f

painting: vidur sahev


If –
I were a painter,
I would
draw you
in all the
that you are,
draw you out
from the canvas
behind which
you hide away,

but –
I just have words
that fall
like petals,
then seem to
whither away,

and sometimes,
words are
just not
art enough,
to color
the canvas
that keeps you
at bay.





Author: vidur sahdev

Living life...as it comes!

33 thoughts on “i f”

  1. (I say all of this in a very playful way, but in all seriousness) I must disagree with you. You literally just painted a pallet in my mind with your imagery! Words are the harder art–either you can capture and illustrate, or you cannot, and you certainly can and do! This is absolutely beautiful! I’m a huge fan of your work!

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