the crunching sound of breaking glass
gently fills
the departing monsoon air,

as you break me into uncountable pieces
to check, verify
what really lies beneath the facade,

the crying rain obliges
the breaking, broken, falling parts
with a cleansing healing sympathetic touch,

to momentarily relieve the pain
felt by the whole, the soul
of those shattered scattered shards,

the unfolding universe momentarily pauses
to witnesses this, another big bang
includes, expands with these added fallen stars,

meanwhile, their role done
the clouds slowly disperse
to let the sun shine its revealing rays of truth,

and i find some semblance of salvation
as each piercing ray
clearly exposes and reposes,

as the singularity of my destroyer’s image
painted often, in silent words
or in my head, claimed aloud,

is finally found to simultaneously  incontrovertibly reside
in both my existences, inside and out.

© vidursahdev 2022


7 thoughts on “The Fallen Stars

      1. So glad, Vidur. Do you know of this? I was introduced to it while living in Hawaii in a Japanese community:
        It’s so cool, that a whole culture at one point would find beauty and redemption in what others would consider flawed. I’m pretty sure if everything went our way, if people were always loving and loyal, we would not learn what we came here to learn, which only the soul knows. 😎

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      2. Yes, I am aware of it…and it is such a remarkable practice and way of looking at things!

        I agree, as painful as they sometimes are, but without the existence of the contrasts and the layers therein, the lessons to be learnt would surely be lost! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      3. For sure. Planet Earth School can be tough at times. I don’t like the rules of the playing field much either, from time to time. Though live long enough and we perceive the wisdom in it, don’t we. Blessings, dear one. 🙏❤️

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