chaos in the world
often finds
an unrelated resonance,
with the chaos
screaming within me,

and those times
i wander off
to a faraway place,
to the uninitiated eyes
might seem as chaotic
in every conceivable way,

but my eyes
accustomed by now
know and appreciate,
that all the resident spiders
are pretty acclaimed
artists too,
and by respecting their art,
and their property,
both can
happily coexist
without much ado,

i wander off
to that faraway place,
to experience sanity
where she still can be found,

for she does exist
inspite of it all
and stoically, undisturbed
still stands tall,

and unpretentious,
holding her peace,
a tranquil calm,
both within and without,

generously offering  her own tiffined food for thought
to feed the disillusioned
seed of sanity within me,
disturbing the ensuing chaos at all,

owning it all
in her own earthy
giving way,
a part
of the chaotic puzzle herself,
yet, like sanity
in the moment,
from it all.

© vidursahdev 2022


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